I made friends with this super amazing lady (Nicole, if you’re on Tumblr, my God, I love you) that brings the promo for Entertainment releases at work she said that these things go into the compactor once the promo is over… and my heart broke. But, she said once this big cardboard board comes down I can have it. That was two weeks ago.

Well, today, she was in again and she said since the board wasn’t coming down yet (another week), she brought these extra goodies. The 3 posters are MASSIVE (100cm x 70cm) and the cardboard cutouts are about 40cms in height.

Shame the poster doesn’t feature all of the characters, but I can’t complain because the cardboard stand is the DVD cover. I’ve been watching that stand like a hawk and any kids that come over to it, I’ve been shooing away. Like the good employee I am.

When the big cardboard stand comes home with me, you’ll know. And when I get everything up in my room… check this space because I’m sure I’ll have to give some of this away… I might actually take some more if I see any lying around reception tomorrow.

  1. reginafang said: omg it’s beautiful<3
  2. mandelak said: Thief lol
  3. hellhounded said: That is badass. You should tack them to the ceiling.
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